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Vasilli Ryjikh is a Thief

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Beware of ever dealing with Vasilli Ryjikh of Cedarbrae Ave. in Waterloo. He also "operates" a business called VR Property Management.

This person purchased a set of high end speakers from me on November 3 2007 and paid me $1700 of the $2200 he owed me. He set the speakers up that night and sent an email saying how much he and his parents liked the speakers. He has since refused to pay anything further and I have many emails where he acknowledges he owes $500 plus a cancelled email wire transfer in the amount of $500.

I can and will post these emails. He attended UW and co-opped at IBM afterwards. He apparently works at RIM in Waterloo currently. This is to warn people that he WILL rip you off and will not deal honestly.

He currently is having some police trouble in Parry Sound.
He regularly posts in UW.FORSALE.

Vasilli on the left.